Verbatim Website Review & Ratings + Verbatim Coupons
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Verbatim Website Review & Ratings + Verbatim Coupons

Verbatim: Products & Services

Verbatim markets storage media solutions such as portable and desktop hard drives, standard and professional USB drives, external and internal SSD (solid state drives) cards and memory cards along with a wide-ranging line of  accessories. Their products are partly produced in their own plants located in Japan and Singapore and also licensed partly by Taiwanese and Indian manufacturers. They also market relabeled products from Japanese, Taiwanese and Indian factories. They have maintained their credibility as a pioneer in their respective industry by being able to keep up with the evolution and changes of technology.

Their products include Blu-Ray DVD and CDs of several types and formats, LightScribe media and professional optical services.

The site also has a laser cartridge replacement compatibility guide for the user’s reference.

Verbatim: Company Background

Currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Verbatim was founded in 1969 and was initially named Information Terminals Corporation or ITC. It was renamed as Verbatim in 1978 and went public in 1979. It was acquired and became a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, also a leader in chemical and computer industries in 1990 and was the first media company to receive ISO certification.

Being known worldwide, it has sites in various continents namely North and South America, Australia and New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Verbatim: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Various Verbatim products featured in Amazon are given a 3 to 4 star rating out of a possible 5 citing the company’s established reputation in providing items of good quality and performance.

The company itself has also been given a rating of 4 stars by an Indeed employer review for the company’s different area attributes such as management, job security culture and advancement and job, work, life balance. A 5 star has been given for compensation and benefits. A product review was also featured in FNK Famous for their Mini Slimboard giving positive feedback on the company’s efficient and affordable delivery, presentable packaging, design, quality and pricing of the product.

PC and Tech Authority rated Verbatim’s 3.0 Desktop drive a 4 stars out of a possible 6 giving positive feedback on its storage capacity and performance but expressed negativity on the item’s physical appearance. Computer Shopper has featured some of Verbatim’s items with positive feedback and reviews for each even citing their Tuff and Tiny Micro USB 8G Drive as the Editor’s choice. CNET have also covered some of Verbatim’s products and their much lower market pricing rating them 3 to 4 stars out of a perfect 5.

Verbatim: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Being a established company, Verbatim has earned BBB accreditation of A+ citing the company’s length of operation, responses and resolutions on complaints and sufficient background information provided to the bureau. BB have received 10 filed complaints for the company and all has been resolved and closed with no significant government actions found. They are also the first media business to acquire ISO certification. They have also won the 2011 iF product design gold award for their Clip-it USB drive in March 10, 2011.

Verbatim: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

According to Alexa, Verbatim website globally ranks at 180,507 and 70,407th in the US with 1,437 sites linking in.  Ranking of the same sites varies in different countries at 91,500 in Italy, 91,806 in Canada, 98,784 in the United Kingdom and 133,821 in Germany. The site is frequently visited by single and educated males aging 55 to 64 and browses the site from school.  Google page rank gave the site a page rank value of 5 out of a possible 10.

Verbatim: Social Media Presence

The site has holds various Facebook account for each site. Verbatim America currently has 32,499 likes and is fairly updated with updates and announcements. Their Australian account currently has 8,389 likes and is also showing to be religiously updated with postings that relates with the upcoming holiday seasons which also goes with their Europe account with 4,159 likes and Italia account with 4,742 likes.  Verbatim Argentina Facebook account yielded 6,676 likes. The pages are also a venue for customers to raise inquiries and concerns regarding the items purchased from the company.

The company’s Twitter account has 1,025 followers as of date with the last tweet dating November 19. It is filled with updates, announcements and product promotions. Their YouTube account currently has 63 views and 22 videos some of different language. It is updated and filled with informational presentation of the company’s products. The site itself holds a Newsroom page containing announcements, information and updates about the company and Mitsubishi with news archive to keep track of previous reports for future reference.

Verbatim: Website Security & Safety

McAfee site advisor found the site to be safe browsing with no significant or remarkable problem found. The same result was given upon running the Google diagnostic test. No malware or potentially harmful software has been found within the last 90 days. The site also did not appear to be a host or an intermediary for any malicious software.

Verbatim: Pricing & Packages

Rates of Verbatim products vary as shown in CNET’s pricing comparison displaying much lower rates. The site also contains a Where to Buy page for customer’s reference on where they can shop for Verbatim’s products. With shops located in different parts of the globe, it is easier for prospective buyers to locate the most convenient location to find their products. They also have their worldwide offices’ physical and email addresses published in their site.

Verbatim: Shipping Rates & Policies

No information can be found about shipping details, you would have to contact customer service.

Verbatim: Payment Methods Accepted

Since the company has different market locations physical and online, payment options also vary and information regarding this is limited and scarce.  Payment method accepted depends on the purchase method. One accepts bank deposits and/or interbank transfer, credit card payments, PayPal, OXXO, Safety Pay and 711 methods for a Verbatim product purchase. An eBay seller honor PayPal and Bill Me Later option.

Verbatim: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The company’s return policy requires an RMA or Return Merchandise Number to be acquired first from the company prior to returns which can be obtained by getting in touch with their technical support online. Shipping charges for the equipment to the company returns will be shouldered by the customer and the company will be liable for the items shipping fees for the equipment return to the customer with the exclusions of custom duties and/or taxes. The item must be returned with its original dated proof of purchase and a letter of explanation regarding te nature of reason for returning the item. Backup of the item’s data is the customer’s responsibility and the company will not be liable for its recovery should it be lost during repair and transit. Replacement will be new in likes and performance and will be warranted for the remaining duration of the non-conforming item, however, claims of defects outside the warranty period will be considered waived by the customer.

Verbatim: Product images & screenshots
Verbatim Coupons
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